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BECERA 2016 Keynotes

01. BECERA 2016 Keynotes

BECERA 2016 Keynote Speakers are confirmed as Dr Jane Waters & Margaret Kernan, PhD.


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BECERA 2016 Conference Theme

RISK, ADVENTURE AND CHALLENGE IN THE EARLY YEARS: Creating Opportunities for Life-long Learning


The BECERA 2016 conference seeks to explore children’s need to experience adventure, challenge and risk taking and to consider how the significant adults, both professional and parent, can create exciting environments, which allow or ‘afford’ the development of those essential characteristics and dispositions which lead to a more balanced life. Do children exposed to adventurous opportunities for learning, learn differently? How far and in what ways does risk create the conditions for creativity? Do children in the outdoors absorb knowledge in different or deeper ways? Is ‘biophilia’ significant to our development and well-being? How might practice respond to the legitimate responsibility of keeping children ‘safe’ whilst creating opportunities for children to learn how to manage risk? How might research become more adventurous in focus and method?

In short, how far is ‘risk’ now too ‘risky’ for early childhood professionals?

These and other issues will form the dialogic basis of this exciting, participatory and democratic conference in which all are encouraged to be adventurous, give voice and share power in a creative and challenging forum.

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