KEYNOTE II: Ute Ward - 'A Caring Partnership': Parent-Practitioner Interactions in Early Childhood Education 

In this keynote, Ute will be sharing some insights from her research on practitioner-parent interactions:


"I recently undertook a research project looking into practitioners’ views and perceptions of parents, and into their interactions with parents. I have built on this and explored how parents view their children’s early childhood practitioners, what they expect from them and how they understand these parent-practitioner interactions.


"This has highlighted some discrepancies between government guidelines, practitioner expectations and parents’ wishes. This, in turn, leaves settings trying to find the middle-ground between contrasting views and expectations and leads to practitioners having a wide range of different approaches to their relationships with parents.


"I will introduce the concept of a ‘caring partnership’ between practitioner and parent and reflect on how this is embedded in wider society."

You can find out more about Ute and her current research on the University of Hertfordshire Research Database.