BECERA 2018 call for papers is now open






Calling all early childhood practitioners, researchers, practitioner researchers and PhD and postgraduate students!


BECERA website is now open for proposal submission and we would like to invite you all to put forward a study for presentation at our 8th conference on 20th February for an opportunity to share your concepts and theories, and to further stimulate your thinking on your research area via a peer review and discussions with like-minded people from across the UK and beyond.


This year’s conference is focusing on Creativity & Critical Thinking in the Early Years, and all papers should be submitted under one of the following strands:

  • Pedagogic Knowledge: How might creativity and critical thinking, key elements in the Characteristics of Effective Learning, be better embedded in pedagogical practice?
  • Professional Development: What are the professional challenges for securing high quality creativity and critical thinking in early years curriculum and pedagogy and how might these challenges be addressed in initial and continuing professional development?
  • Research Methods: How might research explore and promote the development of more creative and critical thinking in children throughout the foundation years and early primary schooling?


All proposals will have to be submitted via our website. You will need to set up a free account or sign in (if you registered and/or submitted a paper before) to do so and provide the following information:


- Your name, contact details and organisation 

  • - The title of the presentation
  • - The type of the presentation
  • - A 250-word abstract (addressing each element specified on the submission form)
  • - 5 abstract related keywords


Papers received will be reviewed by BECERA Scientific Committee and, if accepted, each will be scheduled for a 30 minute individual presentation although all successful submissions will be clustered in groups of two and three creating symposia.


All accepted papers (abstract) will also be included in the BECERA online database that is free to access to all registered users.


The deadline for paper submissions is Monday 8th January 2018.


Please note that website registration, abstract submission, or confirmation of your abstract being accepted does not automatically guarantee you a place at the conference, for which you will need to purchase a conference ticket.


Make sure you register to receive our e-mail updates or follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up to date with conference announcements!


We look forward to receiving your proposals!


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