BECERA 2020: Submit a proposal




call for papers is now closed. 

We are delighted to welcome presentation proposal submissions for our 10th annual conference on Tuesday 18th February 2020 at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham.


This year's conference is focusing on HOME LEARNING CULTURES and we request papers are submitted under our chosen theme using the sub-themes below or any other associated issue which focuses on young children’s learning.

Home Learning Cultures
 - What are its characteristics?
 - What impedes or enhances our support of Home Learning Cultures?
 - How can they be developed to benefit the child?





The BECERA conference is an opportunity to share your concepts and theories, and to further stimulate your thinking on your research area via peer review and discussions with like-minded people from across the UK and beyond.








All proposals must be submitted via our website. You will need to set up a free account or sign in to your account (if you registered and/or submitted a paper before) and provide the following information:


- Your name, contact details and organisation

  • - The title of your presentation
    • - A 250-word abstract, addressing each element specified on the submission form:
      •       - Title
        •       - Theme
      - Research aims
      - Relationship to previous studies by others or self
      - Theoretical and conceptual framework of research
      - Paradigm, methodology and methods
      - Ethical considerations
      - Main finding or discussion
      - Implications, practice or policy
  • - 5 abstract related keywords

Papers received will be reviewed by the BECERA Scientific Committee and, if accepted, each will be scheduled for a 20-minute individual presentation, although all successful submissions will be clustered in groups of two and three creating symposia.


All accepted papers (abstracts) will also be included in the BECERA online database that is free to access to all registered users.

The deadline for paper submissions has been extended. All proposals must be submitted by Sunday 12th January 2020.


Please note that website registration, abstract submission, or confirmation of your abstract being accepted does not automatically guarantee you a place at the conference, for which you will need to purchase a conference ticket.


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We look forward to receiving your proposals!



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