Five reasons to attend BECERA 2021


1. Opportunity to meet others from within the sector, network and make new connections, in order to inform your work / research and grow as a professional.

BECERA is a forum designed for students, researchers and practitioners to enquire and discuss current and emerging research, new concepts and challenges relevant to their study and their work with young children and families. It is also a great opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals.

2. Current and relevant conference theme and strands we know the Sector cares about.

This year’s conference focuses on highlighting and showcasing the Birth to Five Matters document because it is the initiative that has come from within the Sector and which so many of our wider community have helped to shape. We also know, from the feedback collated from the initial survey and the project working groups to date, that certain key themes emerged which we have decided to group into the following strands: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and 21st Century Education

3. Opportunity to present your own research

This year we invite proposals for presentation under one of the four strands: Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and 21st Century Education. Subjecting your research to a critical peer review is a great way to get necessary feedback to improve, develop or validate your piece of work. We strongly encourage all those interested in sharing their research to present and discuss their work. More information on the call for papers and how to submit your proposal can be found here.

4. Learn about the latest research in the sector

Whether you are presenting or not, you will be given an opportunity to attend 4 virtual symposia where you can learn more about some of the latest research (up to 5 papers per symposium) undertaken in the field of early childhood. After all presentations in a symposium have been received, a dedicated symposium chair will facilitate a discussion among the panel drawing out saliences and differences, and by bringing in questions from the audience.

5. Stay informed, engage in further discussions and provide feedback on the latest draft of the Birth to Five Matters – Guidance by the Sector, for the Sector.

We are thrilled to say Nancy Stewart, the Birth to 5 Matters Project Lead, will deliver the first keynote of the conference, providing information on the work of the project to date, including information on the latest draft.
Our second keynote, by Tina Bruce, will close our conference by considering how we can use current research and practice such as that presented at BECERA, and reflections on Froebelian themes, to take pedagogy forward. Attendees will be able to interact through chat functions as well as engage with speakers through Q&A.



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