Researching towards a doctorate provokes discomfort for PhD researchers


In their joint pre-presentation post, Sharon Colilles, Helen Lyndon and Donna Gaywood are explaining how, thorough a community of practice, they have learnt about saliences in their r..

Early Childhood Educators' Perceptions of Children's Peer Relationships


In the latest BECERA 2021 presenter post, Janbee Shaik Mopidevi tells us about her cross-cultural study that explored early childhood educators' perceptions of children's peer..

Introducing Social Justice Issues to Early Years Practitioners in HE


In her pre-conference post, Anna Colgan is sharing how her findings on white EY practitioners' beliefs led her to reflect on her own practice and programme of studies she delivered...

Leaders need support, too: Collaborative clusters' potential role in supporting ‘emotion work'


In her post, Carla Solvason tells us about demands and pressures of early years leaders and suggests how, according to her research, those in leadership positions could be suppo..

Virtually Pen Green


In the latest instalment of our presenters' posts, Kat Clark and Sandra Mole are recalling how the learning environment had changed for their adult learners when the pandemic started back i..

Exploring Supervision as a Means to Building Communities of Practice in the Early Years Profession


Rafaelle Monteiro and Aoife Prendergast are excited to report on the progress of their research that looks at professional supervision and how the practice in this area can be imp..

Relational Pedagogy and the Need for an Embedded Ethic of Care


Impact of ethical intentions, ethic of care within early years provision, the role of practice theory and key factors influencing sensitive, care-full practice are the focus of th..

Ordinary Lives; Extraordinary Circumstances


In this thinking piece, Sandra Mole tells us what had inspired her and her colleagues to undertake this piece of research which looked at people connected to their centre and their sto..

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