BECERA 2020: Call for papers deadline extended



Please note the deadline for presentation proposals has been extended until the end of the day on Sunday 12th January 2020. 



Our conference theme is Home Learning Cultures, with consideration of:


- What part does social and cultural capital play?
- What are the families’ inherent social and cultural values and how do they sit with the child’s settings?
- How do the interactions and relationships within the home shape the child and their development?
- How is a child’s educative dispositions, curiosity, exploratory drive and persistence encouraged at home and then between home and setting?
- What are the learning ‘affordances’ in the home culture and how does the setting recognise and extend them?
- How open is the setting to the communities it serves?
- How does the setting support the significant adults in a young child’s life and support their interest and responsiveness to their child’s learning?


All proposals must be submitted online via our website.



If you are interested in presenting but are unsure whether your research fits this year's theme or if you require further information, please contact us to discuss this.


We look forward to receiving your abstracts.



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