BECERA 2021: Programme of Symposia


Each symposium consists of 6-7 rapid research papers* followed by group discussion and Q&A with audience. Rapid Research Papers are condensed symposia presentations that must be completed within 10 minutes and must be based on academic research (rather than opinion or think pieces). Presenters are asked to distill an aspect of their current research into a short, focused presentation which addresses the overall conference theme but also the chosen symposium strand. Presenters may use slides to support their presentation but their use is limited to the use of 4 slides per presenter. Once all presentations have been received the Chair will facilitate a discussion among the panel drawing out saliences and differences, and by bringing in questions submitted by the watching audience.

We are thrilled to say Nancy Stewart , the Birth to 5 Matters Project Lead, will deliver the first keynote of the conference, providing information on the work of the project to date, including information on the latest draft.  Our second keynote, by Tina Bruce , will close our conference by considering how we can use current research and practice such as that presented at BECERA, and reflections on Froebelian themes, to take pedagogy forward. 



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