Unity and Plurality: Explorations of Pedagogy and Curricula in Early Childhood 

The theme of this year’s BECERA conference addresses challenges that have been magnified by the COVID 19 pandemic:
- Inequality
- Diversity
- Sustainability
- and the distribution of Power, Voice and Participation in Early Childhood.
We invite all friends and members of CREC’s community to contribute to a dialogue addressing these fundamental questions in their work, thinking and interactions. This two-day event will provide a forum for delegates to not only critically consider these contested issues but also encourage them to ambitiously suggest ways to resolve them and move forward.
Hosted via Zoom on 16th and 17th February 2021, our 11th Conference will, through our keynotes, present key messages and themes identified in the latest draft non-statutory document Birth to Five Matters, Guidance by the Sector for the Sector, and discuss how we can take forward pedagogy by building on current research and practice.
In true BECERA spirit, the event will also offer an opportunity for participants to present their own research under one of the following themes: Pedagogy; Curriculum; Assessment; and 21st Century Education.
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